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PostScript Development Tools for Eclipse

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Welcome to PSDT

PSDT is a PostScript IDE for Eclipse, including editor, debugger and documentation. It cooperates with the Ghostscript interpreter in a platform-independent way.

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The PostScript editor (implemented using Xtext) has most features as expected from a modern editor, like syntax coloring, outline view, code folding, content assist, auto-edit for brackets, marked syntax errors.


The PSDT comes without a PostScript interpreter of its own. Instead, it interacts with Ghostscript installed on your machine.

The debugger (implemented using Nigel Hathaway's PostScript debugger) lets you step through your PostScript application, set breakpoints, inspect the stacks, and watch the rendered page image.


Large parts of Adobe's PostScript Language Reference Manual are integrated into the Eclipse help contents.

Context-sensitive documentation is available from the PostScript editor, either as a tooltip (press F2) or in a separate browser view (press F3).


From Eclipse Marketplace, page "PostScript Development Tools".

Or alternatively:
In Eclipse open menu Help -> Install New Software... and use the update site Install